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Are you a freelance writer who is able to produce between 4- 6 posts each day?, a news and lifestyle website, is looking for experienced bloggers or reporters to produce posts on a daily basis. Posts must be ready for 10 am Eastern Standard Time and pays $100 per day.

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Help Build an Islamic School

Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “Allah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.” [Muslim].

“Knowledge” refers to Islamic knowledge. Then, what better thing than an Islamic school?


In San Francisco, United States, there is no full time Islamic school. A weekend Islamic school called San Francisco Islamic School (SFIS) is hoping to buy a building and offer full time school services for children – but they need your help.

SFIS needs £1.3M dollars to buy a building to house the school. Using the popular crowd funding platform IndieGoGo, SFIS is currently aiming to raise $520,000 to cover the down payment of a shariah compliant loan to buy the building. They have set the IndieGoGo target at $50,000 (deliberately low in order to avoid falling short of the campaign target, which would result in them having to pay a higher admin fee to IndieGoGo. Basically, $50,000 is the tip of the iceberg and they will need a lot more.) The problem is, with only 45 days to run on the IndieGoGo campaign, they are still $36,443 short.

The finished building will comprise of:

• 8 Classrooms of various sizes
• 4 Bathrooms
• 5 Offices
• 1 Cafeteria (120 people)
• 1 Full Size Kitchen
• 1 Auditorium (220 people)
• Property Size: 11,657 sq-ft

School Property

[Words taken from the campaign:

  • Through the support of our family and friends, our goal is to raise the entire amount to purchase the building ~ $1.3M
  • $520,000 is needed for the downpayment of the Shariah compliant loan
  • Note: SFIS is a non-profit organization and all funds collected for the purpose of the full time school are classified as “Restricted” and can only be used for the full time school project.
  • Your donations are tax deductible.
  • What if you’re not a Muslim? You can and should support this historic endeavour. San Francisco is a world class city, it has an estimated Muslim population of over 16,000, and does not have a full time school to meet its needs.]

Donate now!

Facilitate this important cause and help these students receive an Islamic education based on the Quran and sunnah, combined with a formal state education.

This would be classed as sadaqah jariyah (ongoing charity that inshallah will earn you multiple rewards). Consider helping to teach a child about Islam and that child practising and then teaching others. The reach is unimaginable and if you do this for the sake of Allah SWT, the rewards would be too.

You can donate ANY amount. As an example, $50 is approximately £33 at the present time (check with your bank for an accurate figure).

Leave a comment here or on my Facebook account to let me know if you have donated or passed the message on to others.

Find SFIS on Facebook:

Share the campaign with friends and family through this link:

or by sharing The Writer’s post:

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New Writing Opportunity – political issues that affect the Muslim community

Howdy all

I received the following message and thought I would share. Remember, re-posts are not endorsements!


We are currently looking for writers to produce articles for a blog/site covering (political) issues that effect the Muslim community in the UK. Or even exposing Islamophobic agendas/activities on the blosphere and beyond.

We really need writers and ideas on what to write about – so:

If you can write – please get in touch!
If you have an understanding of pertinent topics that need addressing – please get in touch!

mushypeas1 (at)

Look forward to hearing from you!

I hope it is beneficial to some of my readers!

Sign up for email alerts and you will receive notifications when I write a new blogpost – get writing opportunities straight to your inbox!

Happy writing

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IWA Member Passes Away

Sadly, the IWA* has lost a wonderful sister in Islam (a fellow author and member of IWA). May Allah SWT have mercy on sister Jamilah (Linda) Kolocotronis Jitmoud and grant her jannat inshallah. Sister Jamilah authored some very popular books and she has left behind a significant legacy mashallah. To read more about her, follow this link IWA Honours Jamilah K

May Allah SWT also give her family shifa in this difficult time. Inna lilalhi wa innalilayhi rajiun.


* The writer’s group I am part of that supports child literacy

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Islamic Books on Kindle & Goodreads

Howdy all!

Most writers will profess that their love of writing developed from their love of reading. This is also absolutely true in my case but I haven’t actually sat and read a good book for about a year now. (It’s a big deal that I am so unashamedly admitting this – it’s like JK Rowling admitting that she hasn’t actually watched any of the Harry Potter films).

I blame the fact that my nose has been so long out of books on a lack of time – and the fact that I use commuting time to write or work on other projects – but truthfully, I know I could fit it in if I made a conscious effort. This is an early new year’s resolution: I’m going to read more.

I joined Goodreads, a website and Facebook app that lets you create reading lists of books you have already read and books you want to read. Goodreads allows you to join reading groups that cater to your specific interests and also to see what your friends are reading. You can leave reviews of books you have read or, if you’re feeling lazy, just quickly rate the books instead. Join Goodreads here.

I welcome all of my blog readers to find me on Goodreads (look for Amina Thewriter) and also to join a new group that I have created – “Islamic Kindle Books”.


Islamic Kindle Books logo – it spells “iqra” or “read” in Arabic

The purpose is to share any useful books on the topic of Islam that are available on Kindle (or other electronic reading devices). I’ve already added some free books to the group list already so be sure to have a look and join the group.

Happy Goodreading!


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New Anthology Published

Edited by Kamesan, a newly published anthology of haiku dedicated to the topics of war, violence and human rights violations is now available via Indiegogo –

The Anthology includes nearly 900 poems, by 420 poets (including me!) from 45 countries (6 continents) and features 33 different languages.


Haiku is a fantastic way to tell a whole story in just a few lines (perfect for those who love poetry but have short attention spans!) Some of the poetry is hard-hitting, but then, so is war. Mine is about the situation in Palestine, based on an incident a relief worker told me about some years ago. It’s tragic but to read the poem you will have to buy the book!

“This landmark collection, interweaving hundreds of poetic voices from around the world, creates a powerful statement for peace and against war. I have never stood in a minefield, or toted a gun on my shoulder, or watched bombs bursting in the night sky over my city—at least not until I read this book. The sparseness of haiku leaves no room for illusion, no separation between reader and the scene described. Our comfort zone is stripped away poem after poem until we have no choice but to confront the full sweep of war and all its consequences. And in so doing, we end up defining our humanity more sharply. We become keenly aware of what we truly value. The American composer Leonard Bernstein once remarked “This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” Kamesan’s World Haiku Anthology on War, Violence and Human Rights Violations is a potent example of that strategy at work. Changing the world one poem at a time.” by Kim Goldberg, author of Red Zone and other books

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Writing Opportunities

Better late than never – here are the writing opportunities I promised you!

1. Muslim Creative Writer’s Network – for anyone interested in creative writing by Muslims.

A great networking tool if you are a writer and a great way to find good writing by Muslims if you are a reader. Why writing by Muslims? Think Islamic themes and halal-friendly literature; perfect for kids.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and contribute to their collaborative story here.

They’ve got the ball rolling on a fiction story, now it’s up to you to finish it by posting the next section in the comments below. Should be fun. I’m pretty sure I’ll write something crazy to throw some excitement in the mix 🙂

2. Muslim Traveller – A one-stop travel site for all lovers of travel but especially aimed at Muslims. They offer hotel search, halal restaurants, travel guides etc. I haven’t seen any other sites offering all travel-related facilities for Muslims in one site so kudos to them.

They are looking for travel bloggers so if you love travelling and writing then contact them via Twitter or Facebook. They also want photo contributions for their  site.

Happy writing and reading!

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